The trophozoite of Entamoeba histolytica reproduces by

A. binary fission

B. sporulation

C. amitosis

D. mitosis

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  1. Trypanosoma is transmitted by
  2. The digestive enzymes in Paramecium are secreted in
  3. The process of reconstitution of macro-nulceus in Paramecium without any change in micro-nucleus is…
  4. Gametocytes of Plasmodium are formed in
  5. The intermediate host of malarial parasite is
  6. In the life cycle of Plasmodium, man is the
  7. Treatment of the infection by malarial parasite in the principal host is studied under
  8. The function of neuro-motor system of Paramecium is
  9. The oriental sores in human skin are caused by
  10. The mode of life of Plasmodium in man and mosquito respectively is
  11. The cilia in Paramecium are
  12. The trophozoite of Plasmodium lives in
  13. Malignant tertian malaria is caused by
  14. The cysts of E.histolytica develop in an infected individual in the
  15. The sexual phase of life cycle of Plasmodium is completed in
  16. The life-cycle of malarial parasite in liver is called
  17. The disease caused by Entamoeba gingimlis is transmitted by
  18. Protozoa which completely lack trophj organelles are classifed under
  19. Sporozoites of Plasmodium vivax are produced from
  20. Entamoeba gingivalis is a parasite in the
  21. The zoological name of giant amoeba is
  22. Attack of malaria occurs every fourth day when patient is infected by
  23. In an electric field, the Paramecium moves
  24. The schizogony cycle of Plasmodium takes place in
  25. The pseudopodia of Amoeba are meant for
  26. Which of the following organelles are associated with defence in Protozoans ?
  27. Trypanosomiasis is a disease, transmitted by vector
  28. Pseudopodia of Amoeba are important for
  29. According to Whittaker's system of classification, all the living organisms are classifed into 5 kingdoms…
  30. Plasmalemma membrane covers thebody of