The type of reamer used for reaming soft aluminium or copper, is

A. Straight fluted reamer

B. Left hand spiral fluted reamer

C. Right hand spiral fluted reamer

D. Any one of these

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  1. The angle between the shear plane and __________ is called shear angle.
  2. It is required to cut screw threads of 2 mm pitch on a lathe. The lead screw has a pitch of 6 mm. If…
  3. The shear velocity is the velocity of
  4. If the tearing efficiency of a riveted joint is 50%, then ratio of rivet hole diameter to the pitch…
  5. The factor considered for evaluation of machinability is
  6. In lapping operation, the amount of metal removed is
  7. The work or surface speed for cylindrical grinding varies from
  8. In Oxyacetylene gas welding, temperature at the inner cone of the flame is around
  9. The silicon carbide abrasive is chiefly used for grinding
  10. NC contouring is an example of
  11. While current is shut down in the welding circuit, what kind of voltage exists between the output terminals…
  12. In hot machining, the work is heated by
  13. Low helix angle drills are preferred for drilling holes in
  14. Gear burnishing is a process for
  15. Drilling is an example of
  16. A jig is defined as a device which
  17. A CNC vertical milling machine has to cut a straight slot of 10 mm width and 2mm depth by a cutter of…
  18. The hard grade grinding wheels are denoted by the letters
  19. Lapping is an operation of
  20. The drill spindles are provided with standard taper known as
  21. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to up milling?
  22. Surface grinding is done to produce
  23. A diamond locating pin is used in jigs and fixtures because
  24. The cutting force in up milling __________ per tooth movement of the cutter.
  25. The rake angle of a single point cutting tool corresponds to _________ of a twist drill.
  26. Tool life is measured by the
  27. A lathe with four steps on the cone pulley and with back-gears will have
  28. Small nose radius
  29. When the cutting edge of the tool is dull, then during machining
  30. Which of the following statement is correct about EDM machining?