What is C Tokens?

A. The smallest individual units of c program

B. The basic element recognized by the compiler

C. The largest individual units of program

D. A & B Both

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  1. Which of the following expressions is wrong
  2. /* The C language./* is a procedural language .*/*/The above statement is valid.
  3. fprintf()function can be used to write into console.
  4. continue statement is used
  5. Which of the following language is predecessor to C Programming Language?
  6. char *s[10] defines an array of ------------------------
  7. Which of the following is not an infinite loop
  8. A multidimensional array A[10][9] can store-------- number of elements
  9. What is Keywords?
  10. The contents of a file opened in 'r+' mode cannot be changed.
  11. Right shifting an operand 1bit is equivalent to multiplying it by 2.
  12. struct stud{int roll;char name[20];float marks;} *p;What will be the byte size of p?
  13. do-while loop is useful when we want the statements within the loop must be executed
  14. The output of the following code is: main() { void msg() { printf("HELLO WORLD"); } }
  15. An array elements are always stored in _________ memory locations.
  16. The array 'char name[10] can consist of a maximum of 9 characters.
  17. The function fopen() on failure returns---------------------.
  18. unsigned' is a valid variable name.
  19. What's wrong? while( (i < 10) && (i > 24))
  20. Which of the following is an example of compounded assignment statement?
  21. enum helps to create user defined datatype.
  22. static variable will not always have assigned value.
  23. What would be the output of the following program?int x=40;main(){int x=20;printf("%d",x);}
  24. ------ is the ternary operator
  25. Which one of the following is not a valid reserved keyword in C++
  26. The size of signed integer is ------ bytes.
  27. The expression "b = 3 ^ 2;" will evaluate b = 9.
  28. The output of the following code is: main() {int a[10], i; for (i = 1; I <= 0; i++) {scanf("%d",…
  29. Which of the STL containers store the elements contiguously (in adjecent memory locations)?
  30. Character data types cannot be declared as unsigned.