When a ship floats on water, the weight or water displaced is

A. an indeterminate quantity

B. equal to the weight of the ship

C. greater than the weight of the ship

D. less than the weight of the ship

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  1. The mode of travel of heat energy from the sun across the empty space beyond the earth's atmosphere…
  2. When ice just melts
  3. The colour or an opaque object is due to the colour it
  4. In an oil lamp, holes are provided below the chimney so that
  5. While crossing a suspension bridge, the soldiers are ordered to break steps because
  6. The ballistic missile, Agni 11, tested by India has a maximum range of
  7. Why is it cool near an open pond on a hot summer day?
  8. The heat generated in a conductor carrying current is proportional to
  9. The velocity of sound in air
  10. The shadow below a tree has bright spots in it because
  11. The colour of the light which travels through glass with minimum speed is
  12. The power of a lens is
  13. Which of the following sets of elementary particles have nearly equal masses?
  14. An ohm is a unit of
  15. The Indian Satellite System used for domestic communications, television and meteorology is known as
  16. Under similar conditions of temperature and pressure, the velocity of sound is maximum in
  17. In an electrical circuit, a fuse is connected
  18. It is easier to climb down a staircase than climb up because in climbing down
  19. Dioptre is the unit of power of
  20. A temperature below absolute zero for an ideal gas
  21. When we tighten the string of a sitar or tanpura its pitch
  22. Echoes are produced by
  23. Acoustics is a property or
  24. The strength of an electromagnet can be increased by
  25. Which metal is used in storage batteries?
  26. Nuclear fusion is a process in which
  27. A person does not sink in the Dead Sea because
  28. Primary colours are
  29. In hot climatic conditions, the buildings are painted white because
  30. Which of the following is not electromagnetic waves?