When the speed of the crankshaft is between 100 r.p.m. and 250 r.p.m., the engine said to be a

A. Slow speed engine

B. Medium speed steam engine

C. High speed steam engine

D. None of these

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  1. The equivalent evaporation of a boiler is a measure to compare
  2. The friction present between the steam and the nozzle surfaces reduces the heat drop by
  3. The velocity of whirl at outlet for an axial discharge turbine is
  4. The mechanical draught _________ with the amount of smoke.
  5. For the same diameter and thickness of tube, a water tube boiler has ________ heating surface as compared…
  6. Pick up the wrong statement about water tube boiler in comparison to fire tube boilers
  7. A _________ in a boiler is used to put off fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water…
  8. The diameter of Cornish boiler varies from
  9. The ratio of the workdone on the blades to the energy supplied to the blades, is called
  10. The ratio of brake power to the indicated power is known as
  11. The critical pressure ratio for initially wet steam is
  12. The ratio of heat actually used in producing the steam to the heat liberated in the furnace, is known…
  13. In forced circulation steam boilers, the force is applied
  14. The biggest size of thermal power unit operating in India is
  15. A regenerative steam cycle renders
  16. The high pressure boiler is one, which produces steam at a pressure more than
  17. Equivalent evaporation of water is the evaporation for a feed water supply at 100°C
  18. The selection of type and size of a steam boiler depends upon
  19. In a De-Laval nozzle expanding superheated steam from 10 bar to 0.1 bar, the pressure at the minimum…
  20. The difference of supersaturated temperature and saturation temperature at that pressure is called
  21. The high pressure and low pressure cylinders in a receiver type compound engine are regarded as having…
  22. The ratio of total useful heat drop to the total isentropic heat drop, is called
  23. Lancashire boiler is
  24. The draught produced by a steam jet issuing from a nozzle placed in the ash-pit under the fire grate…
  25. Reheating of steam in a turbine
  26. The fire tubes in, a Coarran and Scottish marine boiler are
  27. A safety valve usually employed with stationary boilers is
  28. In a compound steam engine, the first stage of expansion is carried out in a high pressure cylinder…
  29. Over fire burning is the phenomenon of
  30. The ratio of the isentropic heat drop to the heat supplied, is called