It is used to calculate and restructure data for easier analysis of your data. It calculates the sum,

A. Parameter

B. Select

C. crosstab

D. Append

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  1. While creating relationship, when you drag a field of a field to drop into another table the mouse pointer…
  2. Two tables can be linked with relationship so that the data integrity can be enforced. Where can you…
  3. A __ name must be unique within a database
  4. What is the difference between Open and Open Exclusively?
  5. In one-to-many relationship the table in one side is called _______ and on many side is called _______
  6. A search value can be an exact value or it can be
  7. The default and maximum size of text field in Access
  8. If you write criteria values vertically (one in a row) it will mean
  9. Which of the following is not a database object?
  10. A __________ enables you to view data from a table based on a specific criterion
  11. Which of the following database object produces the final result to present?
  12. What happens when you release mouse pointer after you drop the primary key of a table into foreign key…
  13. The command center of access file that appears when you create or open the MS Access database file.
  14. To create primary key for a table when in design view
  15. Which of the following expresses correct order?
  16. A database object in MS Access that stores a question about the data in database?
  17. A primary key in any table has the properties
  18. Which field type will you select when creating a new table if you require to enter long text in that…
  19. When a picture or other graphic image is placed in the report header section it will appear____
  20. A part of database that stores only one type of data is
  21. Which of the following term is least related to database?
  22. Which of the following is not a database object in MS Access?
  23. What do you mean by one to many relationship between Student and Class table?
  24. The complete information about an entity in a database is called
  25. How can you define a field so that when entering data for that field it will display ****** instead…
  26. What are the columns in a Microsoft Access table called?
  27. Which of the field has width 8 bytes?
  28. In a database table, the category of information is called ____________
  29. The__ button on the tool box display data from a related table
  30. The key uniquely identifies each record in a table.