When entering field name, how many characters you can type in maximum?

A. 60

B. 64

C. 68

D. Any number of character

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  1. When entering field name, how many characters you can type in maximum?
  2. A database language concerned with the definition of the whole database structure and schema is ________
  3. What is the maximum length a text field can be?
  4. Unlike text data type, this can store up to maximum of 65, 535 characters.
  5. Query design window has two parts. The upper part shows
  6. A database object in MS Access that stores a question about the data in database?
  7. You can set a controls border type to make the border invisible.
  8. Database Management Systems are featured with:
  9. We can remove a relationship defined between two tables by
  10. Following is not a database model
  11. A part of database that stores only one type of data is
  12. Which is not a view to display a table in Access?
  13. What is a form in MS Access
  14. When creating a new table which method can be used to choose fields from standard databases and tables
  15. In a database table, the category of information is called ____________
  16. Which of the field has width 8 bytes?
  17. Which of the following is NOT a type of Microsoft Access database object?
  18. The two form layout types will display multiple records at one time are tabular and___
  19. Which of the following is not a type of relationship that can be applied in Access database
  20. The database language that allows you to access or maintain data in a database
  21. Which field type can store photos?
  22. In one-to-many relationship the table in one side is called _______ and on many side is called _______
  23. Which of the following creates a drop down list of values to choose from a list?
  24. It is a query that when run displays its own dialog box prompting you for information, such as
  25. This option allows you to build a new table by entering data directly into the datasheet.
  26. It is an association established between common fields of two tables.
  27. This is the stage in database design where one gathers and lists all the necessary fields for the database…
  28. To create relationship between two tables
  29. This data type allows alphanumeric characters and special symbols.
  30. A __________ enables you to view data from a table based on a specific criterion