Which of the following is not a characteristic of a relational database model?

A. Table

B. Tree like structure

C. Complex logical relationship

D. Records

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  1. A list consists of last names, first names, addresses and pin codes. If all people in the list have…
  2. Drop Table cannot be used to drop a table referenced by a ______ constraint.
  3. In SQL, testing whether a subquery is empty is done using
  4. ____ table store information about database or about the system.
  5. The middleware databases in which the business rules act are applicable to _______ tier architectures
  6. Which of the following addressing modes permits relocation without any change over in the code?
  7. The part of a database management system which ensures that the data remains in a consistent state is
  8. The _______ is a set of programs to use and / or modify this data.
  9. What is data integrity?
  10. The common column is eliminated in
  11. Which of the following relational algebraic operations is not from set theory?
  12. E-R Modeling is achieved by using ____ diagrams
  13. DROP is a statement in SQL.
  14. The relational model is based on the concept that data is organized and stored in two-dimensional tables…
  15. The metadata is created by the
  16. Protection of data from unauthorized Disclosure results in loss of _______
  17. The clause in SQL that specifies that the query result should be sorted in ascending or descending order…
  18. In an ER diagram the ___shape specifies the Attibute and a ____ shape specifies the primary key attribute.
  19. As per equivalence rules for query transformation, selection operation distributes over
  20. When an E-R diagram is mapped to tables, the representation is redundant for
  21. Which of the following is not a consequence of concurrent operations?
  22. For using a specific database …………… command is used.
  23. The data in the database at a particular moment of time is called the _______
  24. Consider the join of relation R with a relation S. If R has m tuples and S has n tuples, then the maximum…
  25. A table can have only one
  26. Isolation of the transactions is ensured by
  27. In a multi-user database, if two users wish to update the same record at the same time, they are prevented…
  28. What will be the number of columns and rows respectively obtained for the operation, A- B, if A B are…
  29. Which of the following is not a consequence of non-normalized database?
  30. Which two files are used during operation of the DBMS?