Which of the following concurrency control schemes is not based on the serializability property?

A. Two - phase locking

B. Graph-based locking

C. Time-stamp based locking

D. None of these .

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  1. Relationships among relationships can be represented in an-E-R model using
  2. When an E-R diagram is mapped to tables, the representation is redundant for
  3. The concept of mapping of ______ entity types is the concept in which the for each strong entity type…
  4. DBMS is a collection of _____ that enables user to create and maintain a database.
  5. A relation is in attribute of other composite key. if an attribute of a composite key is dependent on…
  6. A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a
  7. The normal form that is not necessarily dependency preserving is
  8. The values of the attribute describes a particular
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    If both the functional dependencies : XY and YX hold for two attributes X and Y then the relationship between X and Y is
  10. Which two files are used during operation of the DBMS?
  11. The ______ indexes are forced to store only record IDs in the data structure and require at least one…
  12. The ______ key of a relation is the attribute (column) or collection of attributes, which uniquely identify…
  13. Cascading rollback is avoided in all protocol except
  14. An outstanding functionality of SQL is its support for automatic_____ to the target data.
  15. ______is a preferred method for enforcing data integrity
  16. Which of the following statement on the view concept in SQL is invalid?
  17. The _______ is a set of programs to use and / or modify this data.
  18. The metadata is created by the
  19. DBMS helps achieve
  20. Relational Algebra does not have
  21. The graphical representation of a query is .
  22. The ____ operator joins two or more conditions and displays rows only if that rows data satisfies all…
  23. Change Staff table by removing default of Assistant for position column
  24. Dependency preservation is not guaranteed in
  25. A weak entity has an ______ dependency on its owner entity, which can be used for both ON UPDATE and…
  26. Which of the following aggregate functions does not ignore nulls in its results?.
  27. If an entity can belong to only one lower level entity then the constraint is
  28. A data type or format is specified for each _________
  29. Which of the following is a reason to model data?
  30. By ______ an area on disk in certain ways, one can make it represent a bit value of either zero (0)…