Which of the following is not an infinite loop

A. int i =1;
while (1)

B. for( ; ; );

C. int true=0< false;
while (true)
{false = 1;}

D. int y, x = 0;
{y = x;}
while (x==0);

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  1. The statement "for (i = 0, j = 2; j <= 10; j++)" is a valid statement in 'C'.
  2. Expression 4**3 evaluates to 64.
  3. Right shifting an operand 1bit is equivalent to multiplying it by 2.
  4. ------ is the ternary operator
  5. An array elements are always stored in _________ memory locations.
  6. What is an array?
  7. Every if statement can be converted into an equivalent switch statement.
  8. The function fopen() on failure returns---------------------.
  9. What does STL stand for?
  10. Variables declared as register storage type gets stored in CPU registers.
  11. The value of an enumerated datatype can be read using scanf() function.
  12. The output of the following code is: void main() {int a = 0; while (a<=50) for(;;) if(++a % 50==0)…
  13. unsigned char has a range from 0 to ------------
  14. The expression "int i = j = k = 0;" is invalid.
  15. Left shift operator rotates the bits on the left and places them to the right.
  16. Which of the following language is predecessor to C Programming Language?
  17. Only one break can be used in one loop.
  18. Which of the following is not a preprocessor directive
  19. Which of the following correctly describes C++ language?
  20. Which options shows the correct hierarchy of arithmetic operators
  21. do-while loop is useful when we want the statements within the loop must be executed
  22. A C variable cannot start with
  23. static variable will not always have assigned value.
  24. The output of the following code is:void main() {char a = 'B';switch (a) {case 'A' : printf("a"); case…
  25. In the expression - 'x + y + 3z =20'
  26. What is the difference between overloaded functions and overridden functions?
  27. Which of the following is allowed in a C Arithmetic instruction
  28. When a user defined function is defined in program, then it has to be called at least once from the…
  29. Which escape character can be used to beep from speaker in C?
  30. The output of the following code is: #define sqr(x= x*x) main() {int a = 10, b = 5; printf("%d, %d",…