Anything appearing before ________ is cleared

A. Response.Flush

B. Response.End

C. Response.Buffer

D. Response.Clear

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  1. One difference between ASP.NET and ASP is that ASP is more structure than ASP.NET
  2. In Global.asax there are _______ general methods
  3. By default a WebForm inherits from
  4. To open Microsoft Word from ASP.NET page use
  5. What is the default data type of a variable in ASP.NET?
  6. ____________ enables you to add, modify and delete records but you won't see the changes made by other…
  7. Anything appearing after ________ is cleared
  8. File extension used for ASP.NET files.
  9. To make an HTML control behave as a Server control, ___________ option must be set.
  10. In ASP.NET a page is inherited from System.Web.UI.Page. Here UI means
  11. In the Adrotator XML file ________ is used to mention the file to link to
  12. ___________ sets the time out period for a particular page in seconds
  13. In ___________ records are locked when the update method is called
  14. Cookies collection is present in
  15. CDO stands for _________________ .
  16. Difference between Response.Write() andResponse.Output.Write().
  17. Can you have more than one form declaration on a web form?
  18. What class does a Web Service Inherit?
  19. In case of RangeValidator, a TextBox's value can be compared to the values taken from two other TextBoxes
  20. A DataSet can be generated from
  21. A _____________ is a logical naming scheme for grouping related types of
  22. Which of the following tool is used to manage the GAC?
  23. To read an XML file from ASP.NET use
  24. Cookies can be created with mentioning the expiry dateTrue
  25. Attribute must be set on a validator control for the validation to work.
  26. Which of the following object is not an ASP component?
  27. What class does the ASP.NET Web Form class inherit from by default?
  28. What is used to validate complex string patterns like an e-mail address?
  29. .DirectoryInfo gives information about any Directory
  30. ASP.NET supports all data types that VB.NET supports