Echoes are produced by

A. the reflection of sound waves

B. the refraction of sound waves

C. the interference of sound waves

D. reverberation of sound waves

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  1. Photo-electric cells convert
  2. The brightest planet in the Solar System is
  3. A device used in a ship for the purpose of measuring the depth of the sea is
  4. Gamma radiations are used for
  5. The ballistic missile, Agni 11, tested by India has a maximum range of
  6. A ruse wire is characterised by
  7. Which of the following apparatus is used in the electrolysis of water?
  8. A cup of hot coffee is placed on a metal table in a room. By which of the following methods does it…
  9. When an incident beam of light strikes the surface of a glass slab normally, the refracted beam
  10. The maximum range of most TV signals is from 121 to 240 km only because
  11. A star contains
  12. A projectile is fired at an angle with the horizontal with a small velocity. Its horizontal range will…
  13. Credit for starting Space Science Research in India goes to
  14. Why is nuclear fusion also known as thermonuclear reaction?
  15. If you want to open a door with les difficulty you push it
  16. The function of a moderator in a nuclear reactor is
  17. To produce beats it is necessary to have two waves
  18. Choose the scalar quantity from the following physical quantities
  19. It is more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because
  20. How is it that Pluto is not always the farthest planet of the solar system?
  21. Isotones are species of atoms containing
  22. Of the following types of electromagnetic radiation which has the longest wavelength?
  23. The frequency of an ultrasonic wave is
  24. We always see only one side of the moon because
  25. The presence of impurities
  26. A convex mirror always produces
  27. Nuclear fission process means
  28. Increase in pressure
  29. When an electric bulb breaks, there la an explosive sound. That is due to
  30. Formation of shadows can be explained by