In a compound steam engine, the first stage of expansion is carried out in a high pressure cylinder whereas the last expansion is completed in low pressure cylinder. The diameter of high pressure cylinder is _________ the low pressure cylinder.

A. Equal to

B. Less than

C. More than

D. None of these

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  1. The diameter of Cornish boiler varies from
  2. The rate of steam produced in Benson boiler is
  3. Fire tube boilers are
  4. Lancashire boiler has __________ internal flue tubes.
  5. The isentropic enthalpy drop in moving blade is two-third of the isentropic enthalpy drop in fixed blades…
  6. In a throttling process
  7. Vacuum for reciprocating steam engines compared to steam turbines is
  8. The action of steam in a steam turbine is
  9. In forced circulation steam boilers, the force is applied
  10. The heat balance sheet for the boiler shows the
  11. The shell of the Cochran boiler is made hemispherical
  12. Which is not correct statement about effect of sulphur in fuel?
  13. The function of a safety valve is
  14. The bituminous coal is no caking if its carbon content is
  15. The steam leaves the nozzle at a
  16. Which is not the correct statement about moisture in coal?
  17. The difference between Cornish boiler and Lancashire boiler is that
  18. The saturation temperature of steam with increase in pressure increases
  19. Which device is used in thermal power plants to reduce level of pollution?
  20. The impulse turbine rotor efficiency will have a maximum value of 0.5 cos 2α, where α is the…
  21. Which of the following varieties of coals is mostly used in steam boilers?
  22. The equivalent evaporation is defined as
  23. The radius of a dished head is taken approximately as
  24. The number of drums in Benson steam generator is
  25. Blow off cock in a boiler is used to
  26. Which of the following statement is correct?
  27. Blading efficiency is also known as
  28. The critical pressure at which latent heat of vaporisation is zero is
  29. It is required to produce large amount of steam at low pressure. Which boiler should be used?
  30. Calorific value of coal is of the order of