Income-demand curve shows:

A. Income-expenditure relationship

B. Income-cost relationship

C. Income-price relationship

D. Income-quantity relationship

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  1. The short-run periods in monopolistic competition are:
  2. Social costs equal private costs when:
  3. The right of individuals to control productive resources is known as:
  4. In monopolistic competition, the customers are attached with one product because of:
  5. When SAC curve rises, SMC curve lies its:
  6. If the demand curve is inelastic then:
  7. If at the unchanged price, the demand for a commodity goes up, or the quantity demanded remains the…
  8. The monopolist who is producing the same output from two (or more than two) plants is concerned with:
  9. In the range of excess capacity, the average costs are:
  10. Total variable cost curve:
  11. Price discrimination is undertaken with the aim of:
  12. When total product increases at a decreasing rate:
  13. The act of producing the output from more than one plant is concerned with:
  14. Time Preference Theory of Interest was presented by:
  15. The cost of one thing in terms of the alternative given up is known as:
  16. In monopoly, the relationship between average revenue and marginal revenue curves is as follows:
  17. Under perfect competition, the average revenue, marginal revenue and price are shown:
  18. The Lambda or Langrange Multiplier is a:
  19. The name of the system of direct exchange is:
  20. The indirect utility function is a homogeneous function of:
  21. The monopolist often lead to exploitation of:
  22. The slope of marshallian demand curve is:
  23. Price-taker firms:
  24. If the demand for good is less elastic and government levied a tax per unit of output, the price per…
  25. The situation of single buyer and single seller is called:
  26. Contraction of demand means:
  27. Which of the following is not characteristic of perfect competition?
  28. If money income is given then consumer is in equilibrium when:
  29. The average cost curve is a geometrical illustration of:
  30. In case of economic bads, an IC can be :