Price leadership is associated with:

A. Collusive oligopoly

B. Non-collusive oligopoly

C. Cartel

D. Perfect competition

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  1. A budget line shows:
  2. In cournot model, each firm expects a reaction from his rival but the expected reaction is not:
  3. A monopolist is:
  4. In the case of a normal goods, the income effect:
  5. Iso-product curve (isoquant) shows:
  6. The elliptical isoquant represents the:
  7. The average cost curve is a geometrical illustration of:
  8. The act of producing the output from more than one plant is concerned with:
  9. Total variable costs in equation form are:
  10. The economic problem of determining the combination of inputs yielding lowest cost for producing a given…
  11. MC = MR = AC = AR shows the long run equilibrium position of the:
  12. Who first formulated the Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution?
  13. The fundamental choices that a society must make about the use of its resources include:
  14. Equilibrium of a discriminating monopolist requires the fulfillment of which one of the following conditions?
  15. The combination of labor and capital where the cost of a given output is minimized is known as:
  16. According to Leontief technology, there:
  17. The factors of production in perfect competition are:
  18. An indifference curve shows the bundles of two goods among which a consumer remains:
  19. Variable costs refer to:
  20. When price increases and with it the total outlay on a commodity also increases, it is a case of:
  21. When price decreases and with it the total outlay on a commodity also decreases, it is a case of:
  22. Chamberline introduces the concept of:
  23. In Revealed Preference Theory, a consumer reveals preference for bundle of:
  24. Under the law of variable proportions, the average and the marginal product of the variable factor would…
  25. The normal long-run average cost curve is influenced by the:
  26. Cross-elasticity of demand is measured as:
  27. The goods sold by firms under monopolistic competition are technological as well as:
  28. The engineering production function and engineering costs curves are concerned with the:
  29. The slope of indifference curve shows:
  30. Which cost increases continuously with the increase in production?