Match the description given in column I with their examples given in column II and choose the correct option.
Column IColumn II
1. Aquatic respiratoryA. Skin organ
2. Organ which actsB. Ureter urogenital duct and opens into the cloaca
3. A small median chamberC. Cloaca that is used to pass faecal matter, urine and sperms to the exterior
4. A triangular structureD. Sinus venosus which joins the right atrium and receives blood through vena cava

A. 1 - A, 2 - B, 3 - C, 4 - D

B. 1 - C, 2 - A, 3 - D, 4 - B

C. 1 - B, 2 - A, 3 - C, 4 - D

D. 1 - C, 2 - B, 3 - D, 4 - A

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