Pitch point on a cam is

A. Any point on pitch curve

B. The point on cam pitch curve having the maximum pressure angle

C. Any point on pitch circle

D. The point on cam pitch curve having the minimum pressure angle

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  1. The contact ratio is the ratio of
  2. The power of a Porter governor is equal to
  3. Oldham's coupling is the
  4. In an ideal machine, the output as compared to input is
  5. Angle of action of cam is defined as the angle
  6. The condition for correct steering of a Davis steering gear is (where α = Angle of inclination…
  7. The mechanism in which two are turning pairs and two are sliding pairs, is called a
  8. A motor car moving at a certain speed takes a left turn in a curved path. If the engine rotates in the…
  9. In S.H.M., acceleration is proportional to
  10. The velocity of the rubbing surface __________ with the distance from the axis of the bearing.
  11. The periodic time is given by (where ω = Angular velocity of the particle in rad/s)
  12. The maximum frictional force, which comes into play, when a body just begins to slide over the surface…
  13. If the controlling force line for a spring controlled governor when produced intersects the Y-axis at…
  14. If ω/ωn is very high for a body vibrating under steady state vibrations, the phase angle for…
  15. The secondary unbalanced force is __________ the primary unbalanced force.
  16. The danger of breakage and vibration is maximum
  17. Which gear is used for connecting two coplanar and intersecting shafts?
  18. The lead screw of a lathe with nut forms a
  19. The critical speed of a shaft in revolution per second is __________ as that of natural frequency of…
  20. The velocity of the reciprocating roller follower when it has contact with the straight flanks of the…
  21. Critical damping is a function of
  22. The example of higher pair is
  23. A typewriter mechanism has 7 numbers of binary joints, six links and none of higher pairs. The mechanism…
  24. Which of the following statement is correct for gears?
  25. The example of completely constrained motion is a
  26. A single degree of freedom system is given by, m × (d²x/dt²) + c × (dx/dt) + sx…
  27. The cam and follower is an example of
  28. When the two elements of a pair have __________ when in motion, it is said to a lower pair.
  29. A Porter governor is a
  30. If the number of links in a mechanism is equal to l, then the numbers of possible inversions are equal…