PVγ = Constant (where, γ = Cp/Cv) is valid for a/an __________ process.

A. Isothermal

B. Isentropic

C. Isobaric

D. Adiabatic

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  1. The molar excess Gibbs free energy, gE, for a binary liquid mixture at T and P is given by, (gE/RT)…
  2. Efficiency of a Carnot engine working between temperatures T1 and T2 (T1 < T) is
  3. Pick out the extensive property out of the following.
  4. Rotary lime kiln is an example of a/an __________ system.
  5. Keeping the pressure constant, to double the volume of a given mass of an ideal gas at 27°C, the…
  6. Any substance above its critical temperature exists as
  7. Specific/molar Gibbs free energy for a pure substance does not change during
  8. For a spontaneous process, free energy
  9. Co-efficient of Performance (COP) of a refrigerator is the ratio of the
  10. Work done may be calculated by the expression ∫ p dA for __________ processes.
  11. Gibbs free energy (G) is represented by, G = H - TS, whereas Helmholtz free energy, (A) is given by,…
  12. What happens in a reversible adiabatic expansion process?
  13. Which of the following is a thermodynamic property of a system?
  14. Maximum work that could be secured by expanding the gas over a given pressure range is the __________…
  15. Which is an example of closed system?
  16. Which of the following equations is used for the prediction of activity co-efficient from experiments?
  17. Thermal efficiency of a Carnot engine can approach 100%, only when the temperature of the
  18. As the temperature is lowered towards the absolute zero, the value of ∂(ΔF)/∂T, then…
  19. Mollier diagram is a plot of
  20. The relation connecting the fugacities of various components in a solution with one another and to composition…
  21. At equilibrium condition, the chemical potential of a material in different phases in contact with each…
  22. The first law of thermodynamics is a statement of conservation of
  23. If different processes are used to bring about the same chemical reaction, the enthalpy change is same…
  24. Reduced pressure of a gas is the ratio of its
  25. Free energy change at equilibrium is
  26. Solid and liquid phases of a substance are in equilibrium at the
  27. Pick out the wrong statement.
  28. In a homogeneous solution, the fugacity of a component depends upon the
  29. The co-efficient of performance (COP) of a refrigerating system, which is its index of performance,…
  30. Fugacity and pressure are numerically equal, when the gas is