Combine the following simple sentences into a complex sentence.

She was honest. This was his statement. It was right.

A. He rightly said in his statement that she was honest.

B. She was rightly said as honest in his statement.

C. His statement was right in which he said that she was honest.

D. His statement that she was honest was right.

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  2. Azim works hard Kabir works harder.
  3. The monster was proud of his power. He was defeated by Hercules.
  4. She was really upset with him. She said nothing.
  5. The teacher enters the class room. You should get up.
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  8. He has walked five miles. It is possible that he is tired.
  9. They decided to start a travel group. All agreed to this.
  10. You are not interested in this offer. I know it.
  11. I must finish this novel. There are still few chapters.
  12. Please listen. Your teacher is telling something.
  13. I told you not to do it. You have done it again.
  14. He was going to school. He was caught in the train.
  15. It was not known. What is she doing in Indore.
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  17. India will have a good monsoon season this year. The meteorologists expect this.
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  19. You will find it. You look for it.
  20. He went to the market. He saw the latest gadget. He could not, however purchase it.
  21. She never believed in his statement. His father is a doctor.
  22. I dont believe. She said something.
  23. His father retired last year. He has been idle from that time.
  24. She had many shortcomings. But she was a nice woman.
  25. I cannot say. Will he come tomorrow?
  26. It will start working. You give it a kick.
  27. It was midnight. The trains collided then.
  28. She stood on tip-toe. She reached for the mangoes on tree.
  29. You must be quiet. You must leave the room.
  30. Mohan is industrious. He is very particular in his work.