The advantage of dry compression is that

A. It permits higher speeds to be used

B. It permits complete evaporation in the evaporator

C. It results in high volumetric and mechanical efficiency

D. All of the above

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  1. The refrigeration effect in a dry evaporator compared to flooded evaporator in a similar plant is
  2. The wet bulb depression is zero when relative humidity is
  3. In a vapour absorption refrigeration system, the compressor of the vapour compression system is replaced…
  4. The dehumidification process, on the psychrometric chart, is shown by
  5. Most of the domestic refrigerators work on the following refrigeration system
  6. The lowest temperature during the cycle in a vapour compression system occurs after
  7. The pressure at the outlet of a refrigerant compressor is called
  8. Which of the following statement is correct?
  9. R-12 is generally preferred over R-22 in deep freezers since
  10. In a spray washing system, if the temperature of water is higher than the dry bulb temperature of entering…
  11. The capacity of a domestic refrigerator is in the range of
  12. Ammonia absorption refrigeration cycle requires
  13. The human body feels comfortable when the heat stored in the body is
  14. The sensible heat factor during the heating and humidification process is given by (where h₁…
  15. In aqua ammonia absorption refrigeration system, incomplete rectification leads to accumulation of water…
  16. The minimum temperature to which water can be cooled in a cooling tower is
  17. Allowable pressure on high pressure side or ammonia absorption system is of the order of
  18. The cooling system used for supersonic aircrafts and rockets is
  19. For ammonia refrigerating systems, the tubes of a shell and tube condenser are made of
  20. A condenser of refrigeration system rejects heat at the rate of 120 kW, while its compressor consumes…
  21. Carbon dioxide is
  22. If a heat pump cycle operates between the condenser temperature of +27°C and evaporator temperature…
  23. In a saturated air-water vapour mixture, the
  24. The air cooling system mostly used in transport type aircrafts is
  25. A standard ice point temperature corresponds to the temperature of
  26. The leakage in a refrigeration system using Freon is detected by
  27. The temperature of ammonia after compression in a vapour compression system is
  28. Superheating in a refrigeration cycle
  29. Air refrigerator works on
  30. Critical temperature is the temperature above which