Each of the following sentences is followed by four words or group of words. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or group of words.

The battalion operating from the mountain was able to tie____ three enemy divisions.

A. up

B. down

C. on

D. with

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  1. Few professions can ___________ the sheer variety and constant ___________ of being a doctor.
  2. She was a devoted wife and looked____ her husband very well.
  3. Lack of financing options, __________ with HR and technological __________ , make small and medium enterprises…
  4. ___ about prolonged power cuts in urban areas, the authorities have decided to ___ over to more reliable…
  5. Science is a sort of news agency comparable ___________ to other news agencies.
  6. The two brothers look so_____ that it is difficult to tell one from the other.
  7. I had a vague _________ that the lady originally belonged to Scotland.
  8. Mountaineering institutes___to the young climbers the technical knowledge which has been accumulated…
  9. A group of agitators ____ the mob to break down the Vice-Chancellors door.
  10. By the middle of the 19th Century, the urban population of England _________ the rural population.
  11. Though one eye is kept firmly on the___________, the company now also promotes ___________ contemporary…
  12. He ___________ a wrong act because it was ___________ for him to do so due to circumstantial forces.
  13. It is not ______________ for a man to be confined to the pursuit of wealth.
  14. On the ______ occasion of Laxmi Puja the Mathurs bought a new car.
  15. The bus __________ fifty passengers fell __________ the river.
  16. To ___time, please go___ foot and not by bus.
  17. Skeptics would not ___________ that the earth actually moves, let alone that it ___________ around the…
  18. In an effort to provide _________ for higher education to all, most of the universities have been providing…
  19. There are not solitary, free-living creatures ; every form of life is ______ other forms.
  20. The students _________ not reach on time _________ of the transport strike.
  21. She was remarkably __________ in singing and dancing.
  22. I. The area under our eyes in connected to our kidneys, so any .......... change in the dark circles…
  23. The Defence Minister said today that the Government was determined to____the accord and tulfil the legitimate…
  24. A growing number of these expert professionals ___________ having to train foreigners as the students…
  25. Ravi was always_______ of the good fortune of others.
  26. The neighbour grabbed the boy, and rolled him on the road to ___________ the flames.
  27. This approach would ________ the enormous illiteracy problem to be ________ in a holistic manner.
  28. When indecision grips a nation, free men feel the need for an _____ruler and are prepared to throw democracy…
  29. Though fond of many acquaintances, I desire_____ only with a few.
  30. If strict security measures were taken, the tragedy might have been ________