Each of the following sentences is followed by four words or group of words. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or group of words.

The teacher_____the boys comic which he was reading during the Mathematics period.

A. possessed

B. procured

C. abandoned

D. seized

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  1. Although it has been more than 50 years since Satyajit Ray made Pather Panchali, ___________ refuse…
  2. One of the major critiques of the examination system is that it ___________ to a spirit of ___________…
  3. That charming girl was the ____ of all eyes.
  4. Man is still a____in the labour market.
  5. We attended a ________ discourse.
  6. AIDS is not a disease that can be___through the air or by insects.
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  8. Few professions can ___________ the sheer variety and constant ___________ of being a doctor.
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  10. It is a penal_____to bribe a public servant.
  11. She did not tell _________ that she _________ attended the party.
  12. He has a____tongue; his pinching sarcasm has______ everyone who has come into contact with him.
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  15. It is a story of two men and a batch of ______________ armoured cars.
  16. The audience____ at the end of drama.
  17. Regular exercise is conducive__________ heath.
  18. Sam asked me to keep this secret ___________ .
  19. There are not solitary, free-living creatures ; every form of life is ______ other forms.
  20. I have given her ______ .
  21. His answer was such______ I expected him to give.
  22. The present Constitution will see ___________ amendments but its basic structure will survive.
  23. He ___________ a wrong act because it was ___________ for him to do so due to circumstantial forces.
  24. He has already made up his mind on this issue. Now it is____ to argue with him.
  25. The statue _________ a global symbol of freedom
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  28. There is no ______ evidence to support your assertion.
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  30. When you want to digitalise a city __________ with millions, you dont bet __________ the odds.