The Directive Principles of State Policy of India have similarity with

A. The Constitution of U. K.

B. The Constitution of U. S. A.

C. The Constitution of Ireland

D. None of the above

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  1. What was the number of the princely states in India at the time of partition ?
  2. Who has given this statement ? Man is born free but he is always in chains.
  3. The most controversial amendment passed during the emergency was
  4. How many representatives for Vidhan Parishad of U.P. are elected from the teacher's constituency
  5. The stages in the normal financial legislation included. 1. Presentation of the budget. 2. Discussion…
  6. Which one of the following describes India a secular state ?
  7. When the Constituent Assembly for the Dominion of India reassembled on 31st October,1947,it's reduced…
  8. Magna Carta in England led to the Development of
  9. Who among the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly established in July 1946
  10. In the general elections to the 13th Lok Sabha, the Congress Party secured
  11. Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India ?
  12. Who among the following Indians was the President of the International Court of Justice at Hague
  13. The maximum strength of the Legislative Assembly of a state is
  14. Which of the following has been borrowed from Ireland by the framers of the Indian constitution
  15. Which of the following was not the work of the League of Nations
  16. Who was the president of the Constituent Assembly
  17. The constitution of india was adopted by the
  18. Of the following which is not the salient feature of Indian constitution
  19. Consider the following statements 1. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India can be removed only…
  20. How many language have been recognised by the constitution ?
  21. Which of the following courts is responsible for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights ?
  22. Consider the following statements : 1. The mode of removal of a judge of a High Court in India is same…
  23. Human Rights Day is observed all over the world every year on
  24. Consider the following statements 1. The Governor of a state may reserve a Bill for consideration of…
  25. Which of the following statements regrading the Contituent Assembly are true 1.It was not based on Adult…
  26. Number of Panchayat Samities in West Bengal at present is
  27. Which of the following states does not bear Panchayati Raj System ?
  28. All the following are fundamental rights guaranteed by the Indian constitution except
  29. Who among the following is the Chairman of the Steering Committee to oversee the functions of the National…
  30. India became a sovereign, democratic republic on