The maximum velocity of a particle moving with simple harmonic motion is

A. ω

B. ωr

C. ω²r

D. ω/r

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  1. The Bifilar suspension method is used to determine
  2. The pair is known as a higher pair, when the relative motion between the elements of a pair is
  3. The two elements of a pair are said to form a _________ when they permit relative motion between them.
  4. Throw of a cam is the maximum distance of the follower from
  5. The displacement of the D-slide valve is __________ the steam lap by a distance known as lead of the…
  6. The cam follower generally used in aircraft engines is
  7. Angle of dwell of cam is defined as the angle
  8. In which of the following type of gear train the first gear and the last gear are co-axial.
  9. A thin circular disc is rolling with a uniform linear speed, along a straight path on a plane surface.…
  10. The frictional torque transmitted in a conical pivot bearing, considering uniform pressure, is (where…
  11. The maximum value of the pressure angle in case of cam is kept as
  12. The main disadvantage of the sliding pair is that it is
  13. Two pulleys of radii r₁ and r₂ and at distance x apart are connected by means of an open…
  14. If the pressure angle is __________, a reciprocating follower will jam in its bearings.
  15. When a mass of a critically damped single degree of freedom system is deflected from its equilibrium…
  16. Idler pulley is used
  17. The face of the tooth is the
  18. The Klein's diagram is useful to find
  19. In a multiple V-belt drive, when a single belt is damaged, it is preferable to change the complete set…
  20. The frequency of oscillation of a torsional pendulum is
  21. In S.H.M., the velocity vector w.r.t. displacement vector
  22. The partial balancing of reciprocating parts in locomotives produces
  23. The coriolis component of acceleration depends upon
  24. Which of the following is an example of sliding pair?
  25. Consider the following mechanisms:1. Oscillating cylinder engine mechanism2. Toggle mechanism3. Radial…
  26. When the pitching of a ship is __________ the effect of gyroscopic couple acting on it will be to move…
  27. The centre distance between two meshing involute gears is equal to
  28. In a circular arc cam with roller follower, the acceleration in any position of the lift will depend…
  29. In railway axle boxes, the bearing used is
  30. The equation of free vibrations of a system is (d²x/dt²) +36 π²x, its natural frequency…