The minimization of costs subject to output requires equilibrium at the lowest:

A. Isoquant line

B. Isocost line

C. Indifference curve

D. Price line

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  1. The equilibrium conditions, MC = MR = AR = AC, will happen:
  2. With the decrease in marginal valuation of a specific commodity, the price offered by the people:
  3. The model which gives us information about price and output changes in different periods is:
  4. In which case the elasticity shown by the different points of a curve is the same?
  5. Cartel is associated with:
  6. A significant property of the Cobb-Douglas production function is that the elasticity of substitution…
  7. The alternative of profit maximization theory is:
  8. In case of monopoly:
  9. If a ten percent increase in price causes a ten percent reduction in quantity demanded, elasticity of…
  10. The cost curves of the firm shift due to changes in:
  11. 7.The costs which the firms have to face in order to change the price tags of their products and services…
  12. When a consumer reached at the point of saturation then marginal utility (MU) is:
  13. In monopolistic competition, the firm compete on the basis of:
  14. Each firm in cournot model starts selling:
  15. In microeconomics, we study:
  16. A budget line shows:
  17. To calculate the elasticity of demand, which of the following formula is used?:
  18. The reaction curve of a firm is attained by joining the:
  19. The demand curve slopes downwards due to:
  20. Supply curves are most elastic:
  21. One common definition of a luxury good is a good with income elasticity:
  22. The relationship between price effect, income effect and substitution effect is:
  23. If at the unchanged price, the demand for a commodity goes up, or the quantity demanded remains the…
  24. In the immediate run:
  25. If as a result of an increase in prices, total outlay (expenditures) on a commodity decreases, its price-elasticity…
  26. Increasing return to scales can be explained in terms of:
  27. According to Smith, by value we mean the value with respect to use, and the price we mean the value…
  28. When a consumer is in equilibrium then slope of indifference curve is:
  29. The imaginary differentiation is attributed to difference in:
  30. If money income is given then consumer is in equilibrium when: