The mode of deformation of the metal during spinning is

A. Bending

B. Stretching

C. Rolling and stretching

D. Bending and stretching

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  1. A casting defect which results in general enlargement of a casting is known as
  2. The casting method adopted for ornaments and toys of nonferrous alloys, is
  3. The instrument which has all the features of try-square, bevel protractor, rule and scriber, is
  4. During hot working of metals
  5. The algebraic difference between the maximum limit and the basic size is called
  6. The increase in hardness due to cold working, is called
  7. 4.Linde welding uses
  8. When a pattern is made in three parts, the top part, is known as a
  9. In arc welding, the electric arc is produced between the work and the electrode by
  10. The most preferred process for casting gas turbine blades is
  11. Aluminium is the best material for making patterns because it is
  12. Acetylene gas is stored in cylinders in
  13. In shielded arc welding
  14. In a compound die
  15. In a _________, the molten metal is poured and allowed to solidify while the mould is revolving.
  16. In order to ram the sand harder at the back of the mould and softer on the pattern face, a ________…
  17. The electron beam welding can be carried out in
  18. For gas welding, the pressure desired at the welding torch for acetylene is
  19. The welding process used to join the ends of two pipes of uniform cross-section, is
  20. The temperature of oxy-hydrogen flame is _________ oxyacetylene flame.
  21. Thermit, used in Thermit welding, is a mixture of
  22. When a hole or cavity to be cored is not in line with the parting surface, then a ________ is used.
  23. When the molten metal is fed in the cavity of a metallic mould by gravity, the method of casting is…
  24. The process of decreasing the cross-section of a bar and increasing its length, is called
  25. The operation of straightening a curved sheet metal, is known as
  26. The blank diameter used in thread rolling will be
  27. The cold chisels are made by
  28. When the dimension is expressed as, then the tolerance is
  29. The flux commonly used in brazing is
  30. In blanking operation, the clearance is provided on