The NOR gate is complement of ..

A. OR gate

B. AND gate

C. NOT gate

D. NAND gate

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  1. The region against which an object is to be clipped is called _________
  2. _____ is concerned with the way the hardware components operate to form computer system.
  3. A process of changing the position of an object in a straight line path from one coordinate location…
  4. In slide ______ view, you see the entire presentation displayed in miniature. This view is used to arrange…
  5. A smaller version of an image is called a:
  6. Display controller is not required for _________
  7. The process of selecting and viewing the picture with different views is called _________
  8. The display processor is also called a __________
  9. Devices that are used primarily to transport data between the processor and the user are known as ____
  10. when the projection is obtained by projecting points along parallel lines that are not perpendicular…
  11. The line 2x-y+4=0, if clipped against this window will connect the points ?
  12. A ________ displays a list of commands and usually appears in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  13. Length of shift register in bits is equal to _________
  14. the line segment from the view plane to the view reference point is called __________
  15. Replicating pixels is one of the methods of __________
  16. Notes that include the slide as well as key comments and points you may want to emphasis while you present…
  17. After completion of scanning of one line, the electron beam files back to the start of next line, this…
  18. The point at which a set of projected parallel lines appear to coverage is called as a ?
  19. Slide and title masters contain ___________ that reserve spaces for text and footers such as date, time…
  20. The internal Components of the processor are connected by _______ .
  21. Graphics software acts as a very powerful tool to create _________
  22. The slide ________ controls text characteristics, background color and special effects, such as shadowing…
  23. The transformation that produces a mirror image of an object relative to an axis is called __________
  24. Pixel on the graphics display represents________
  25. During the execution of a program which gets initialized first ?
  26. One of the disadvantages of multimedia is:
  27. The ______ is a program whose function is to start the computer software operating when power is turned…
  28. ____________ refers to any type of application or presentation that involves more than one type of media,…
  29. The basic principle of Bresenhams line algorithm is
  30. a polygon in which the line segment joining any 2 points within the polygon lies completely inside the…