Each of the following sentences is followed by four words or group of words. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or group of words.

The speaker did not properly use the time as he went on_______ on one point alone.

A. devoting

B. deliberating

C. diluting

D. distributing

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  1. I am fully _________ the problems facing the industry.
  2. The treasure was hidden ______ a big shore.
  3. The manager told us _________ Ramesh was very anxious _________ the meeting.
  4. In his address to the teachers, the Vice-Chancellor____certain measures being taken for improving the…
  5. Is not learning superior ____ wealth ?
  6. Real friends, genuinely wanting the best for the organisation, ___________ different garbs.
  7. It will take some time for many South koreans to ___________ the conflicting images of North Korea,…
  8. Although I was _________ of his plans, I encouraged him, because there was no one else who was willing…
  9. The battalion operating from the mountain was able to tie____ three enemy divisions.
  10. It____ not look like a great deal today, but back then it was a coup: no man before ____ to import tea…
  11. This approach would ________ the enormous illiteracy problem to be ________ in a holistic manner.
  12. They were _________ to vacate that house as _________ as possible.
  13. The new government took __________ last year.
  14. Skeptics would not ___________ that the earth actually moves, let alone that it ___________ around the…
  15. My friend and I decided to watch a play, however ______enjoyed it.
  16. The house that the actress lives in is beautiful, but the surroundings are ________ unpleasant.
  17. This is a_____ translation of the speech.
  18. His most striking _____ is the enthusiasm which he brings to everything he does.
  19. One of the major critiques of the examination system is that it ___________ to a spirit of ___________…
  20. The ___________ of the chronic balance of payments deficit which has ___________ the Finance Ministry…
  21. By the middle of the 19th Century, the urban population of England _________ the rural population.
  22. The audience____ at the end of drama.
  23. The organisation ___________ to popularise Indian classical music among the youth which has lost ___________…
  24. Sam asked me to keep this secret ___________ .
  25. A garden knife is ______used for right pruning.
  26. It is difficult to speak a language fluently unless ______ regularly.
  27. Once he has signed the agreement, he wont be able to back______.
  28. In a ___________ tone, the leader made a powerful ___________ to the mob.
  29. The petitioner had ______ an immediate stay form the court on allotment of the Hats ________ of investigation…
  30. Though one eye is kept firmly on the___________, the company now also promotes ___________ contemporary…