Each of the following sentences is followed by four words or group of words. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or group of words.

The members were_____ of the date of the meeting well in advance.

A. communicated

B. conveyed

C. ignorant

D. inform

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  1. When we call others dogmatic, what we really object to is ___________ .
  2. My India by Corbett deals ______ the authors familiarity with and love of India.
  3. Despite his _____ he had to suffer.
  4. The Director pointed out in favour of the manager that the profitability of the plant had _____ since…
  5. Shanku was born_____ a silver spoon in his mouth and was very proud of his wealth.
  6. The journey may be made by sea or___by road.
  7. It is time to ________ ongoing programmes and ______ new horizons.
  8. Sheila gained an advantage __________ me.
  9. Today we have achieved a milestone by completing 60 years of independence. Its now the time for everyone…
  10. Although ___________ is not a very desirable feeling we need a certain amount of it to ___________ well.
  11. You have no business to _________ pain on a weak and poor person.
  12. These issues are extremely ________ and any knee jerk reaction will ultimately result in a loss of ________…
  13. He has not attained the age of 18. He was, therefore, no____ to vote in this election.
  14. What are you _________ in the kitchen cupboard?
  15. He will dispense ______ your services.
  16. ____ at the major ports has led planners to develop satellite ports near them.
  17. The masks worn by the men helped them _______their identity.
  18. The numbers __________ by the legitimate online music service providers indicate that a growing number…
  19. Rajeshs car wasnt __________ Rameshs, so we were too exhausted by the time we reached home.
  20. Nowadays there exists a spirit of___ among the various departments of the University. This has led to…
  21. ____ at the major ports has led planners to develop satellite ports near them.
  22. The audience____ at the end of drama.
  23. The varsitys poll process for ___________ of new candidates has ___________ poor response with only…
  24. His fears were explicitly betrayed by his______ voice.
  25. The head ____ was annoyed to see a ____ in the soup.The option that would best fill the blanks in the…
  26. The entire village condoled ____ the jawans widow in her bereavement.
  27. The flood of brilliant ideas has not only ___ us, but has also encouraged us to ___ the last date for…
  28. Few professions can ___________ the sheer variety and constant ___________ of being a doctor.
  29. The last____ were performed before the body was cremated.
  30. A five-year-old boy was_____ from his school on Monday last by his servant for a ransom of Rs 8, 000.