Vitamin D is known as anti-rachitic vitamin because it cures the deficiency disease called

A. Rickets

B. Beriberi

C. Xerophthalmia

D. Sterility

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  1. Which one is a water-soluble vitamin?
  2. The nerve messages enter the cell through the
  3. The universal recipient belongs to blood group
  4. The thermoregulatory centre in the human brain is the
  5. The plants will stop growing if the shoot tip is cut off because
  6. The first sign of life made its appearance on the earth about
  7. Fusarium causes the wilting of the cotton plants by
  8. Warm-bloodedness
  9. The waste product In the urine of man is
  10. The plant that is dispersed with the help of water is
  11. Spontaneous generation signifying the development of living organisms from non-living has been termed
  12. Vitamin D is known as anti-rachitic vitamin because it cures the deficiency disease called
  13. Mutations could be created by X-rays. This was found by
  14. Which one of the following is caused by the expression of a recessive gene present on sex chromosome?
  15. When a movement of a plant organ is stimulated by contact with an object, it is termed
  16. Which organelle in the cell, other than nucleus, contains DNA?
  17. Somato Tropic Hormone is concerned with
  18. Antisnake venom is prepared by
  19. The diseases that are caused by lack of vitamins are called
  20. Injection of insulin causes
  21. Tse-Tse fly is the vector for
  22. The equilibrium and co-ordination is looked after by which part of the brain?
  23. The theory that all animals and plants are made up of cells and they could arise only from pre-existing…
  24. Athlete's Foot' is a disease caused by
  25. The blood pressure is controlled by the hormone
  26. The blood without corpuscles is called
  27. The theory that cells arise from the pre-existing cells was proposed by
  28. The metallic part in haemoglobin is
  29. Most of the enzymes are
  30. Saffron is the dried ________ of the saffron plant.