What does the term CSS refers to ?

A. Cascade Style Sheets

B. Cascading Style Sheets

C. Clear Style Sheets

D. Catering Style Sheets

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  1. Select the command in Selenium IDE used to open a page using the URL.
  2. What is a test suite made of ?
  3. Can Unix operating system be supported by Selenium IDE?
  4. Select the method which clears all selected entries in Web driver Selenium.
  5. Select the command that will NOT wait for a new page to load before moving onto the next command.
  6. In case of Selenium IDE, the Source view shows your script in
  7. Which is not true in case of Globs, in Selenium?
  8. Select the command which is used to pause execution until the page is loaded completely.
  9. Select the command which is used to print a string value or a variable in Selenium IDE.
  10. Select the command which is used to pause execution until the specified element becomes present.
  11. Select the operating system which is NOT supported by Selenium IDE.
  12. Select the command which is used to compare the contents of a table with expected values.
  13. By Default time of WAITFOR command is :
  14. Select the method which selects the option at the given index.
  15. Which selenium command check whether specific text exists somewhere on the page ?
  16. Select the syntax to locate an element using inner text.
  17. ___________ finds the item ending with the value passed in. This is the equivalent to the XPath ends-with.…
  18. Which command can be used to enter values onto text boxes?
  19. Which two commands you use to validate a button?
  20. Select the variation which finds elements based on the driver's underlying CSS selector engine in Web…
  21. The Selenium can
  22. The term AJAX expands to ________.
  23. The test language usually used in Selenium is ________________.
  24. Selenium tests _____________.
  25. The Actions commands
  26. In selenium, parent and child nodes are in same query because HTML has a tree structure.
  27. What does the term regex expands to ?
  28. Which command is used to extend the time limit of WAITFOR command?
  29. The // tells the query that
  30. Select the Browser which is supported by Selenium IDE