Which of the following is used in fuel to propel rockets?

A. Petrol

B. Kerosene

C. Hydrazine

D. Alcohol

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  1. An essential condition for rusting is
  2. Which of the following is baking soda?
  3. Smelling salt contains
  4. Petroleum ether is also known as
  5. The commonest ore of aluminium is
  6. An acid which is used as a preservative for pickles is
  7. Which of the following cannot be used for the preparation of soap?
  8. If people sleep in closed rooms where charcoal fire is burning, they die due to
  9. The artificial silk produced from cellulose is
  10. Which one of the following is present in the largest amount in terms of per cent by mass in the earth's…
  11. Iron is rendered passive by
  12. Rayon la made from
  13. Clark's method for removal of temporary hardness in water uses
  14. Grape sugar is another name for
  15. Which of the following is a halogen?
  16. A compound of carbon used as anaesthetic is
  17. The soaps used in shaving cream are
  18. A metal which is extracted by thermal reduction is
  19. In the process of purification of water for town supply, the substance used to remove bad smell and…
  20. Galvanised iron sheets are protected from rusting due to the presence of a layer of
  21. Real gases tend to become ideal Under
  22. Optical instruments are made of
  23. Which of the following elements is not required for the healthy growth of plants?
  24. Which one of the following elements is alloyed with iron to produce steel which can resist high temperatures…
  25. Plaster of Paris
  26. Which one of the following is not radioactive?
  27. The noble gas which is present in microscopic quantities in air is
  28. Compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen are called
  29. Plastics are synthetic
  30. Which of the following act a both u oxidising and reducing agent?