Which of the following processes does not produce Cl2 as a co-product during the manufacture of caustic soda?

A. Diaphragm electrolytic cell process

B. Mercury electrolytic cell process

C. Lime-soda process

D. None of these

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  1. Extraction of __________ employs an electrolytic process.
  2. Main product in calcium carbide-water reaction is
  3. Very dilute solutions are generally used in fermentation reactions for which the optimum temperature…
  4. Kopper-Totzek coal gasifier
  5. __________ is used as a flux in the extraction of iron from iron ore (haematite) in blast furnace.
  6. Salt is added in the kettle during soap manufacture to separate
  7. Tall oil obtained as a by-product from the black liquor recovery is
  8. Catalytic oxidation of toluene produces
  9. Paper pulp produced by Kraft/sulphate process is
  10. Zeolite is used in the
  11. __________ is obtained as a by-product in the manufacture of sodium hydroxide using brine.
  12. Viscosity index improver (like polystyrene or polyisobutylene) is added to lubricant to
  13. Reaction of an alcohol with organic acid is called the __________ reaction.
  14. Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the process of
  15. Oil produced by solvent extraction
  16. Phenol is mainly used
  17. Nicotine is
  18. Bakelite is
  19. Viscose rayon
  20. The gasification reaction represented by, C + H2O = CO + H2, is a/an __________ reaction.
  21. Adipic acid is an intermediate in the manufacture of
  22. SO2 is bubbled through hot sugar cane juice to
  23. Varnish does not contain
  24. Chalcopyrite is the main ore of
  25. Main constituents of Portland cement are calcium aluminate and
  26. Raw materials for 'Solvay Process' for manufacture of the soda ash are
  27. Which of the following is not a pyrite ore?
  28. The combustion reaction, C + O2 = CO2, is
  29. Roasting of metallurgical ores is done mainly to
  30. 20% oleum means that in 100 kg oleum, there are 20 kg of