Wood charcoal is used for decolouration of sugar, because it __________ the coloured materials.

A. Adsorbs

B. Oxidises

C. Reduces

D. Converts

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  1. Black liquor is converted into white liquor by
  2. Salt cake is chemically represented by
  3. Ordinary glass is not a/an
  4. Raw materials required for the manufacture of __________ is acetylene and hydrochloric acid.
  5. __________ is a thermosetting plastic.
  6. Cumene is the starting material for the production of
  7. Pick out the wrong statement.
  8. Catalytic oxidation of naphthalene produces
  9. Fusion of bauxite and __________ produces high alumina cement.
  10. Mercury electrolytic cell produces 50-70% NaOH solution. Its operating temperature is __________ °C.
  11. Laboratory glass wares which reacts with hydrofluoric acid, are made of the __________ glass.
  12. Roasting of metallurgical ores is done mainly to
  13. In primitive days, __________ was being manufactured by Leblanc Process.
  14. Commonly used glass is known as the __________ glass.
  15. The gasification reaction represented by, C + H2O = CO + H2, is a/an __________ reaction.
  16. Hydrogen gas is not produced commercially (for nitrogenous fertiliser manufacture) by
  17. Wax is a
  18. Which of the following is an organometallic compound?
  19. Trinitro-toluene (TNT) is
  20. Production of alcohol by fermentation of molasses is a/an __________ process.
  21. Enzymes are organic catalysts used in the __________ reactions.
  22. Production of one ton of cement requires about __________ tons of limestone.
  23. Fumigant insecticides
  24. Systemic insecticides
  25. Gun powder uses
  26. Dehydrogenation of Isopropanol produces
  27. Which of the following processes is absent in glass manufacturing process?
  28. Pick out the false statement pertaining to water treatment.
  29. Glauber's salt is chemically represented by
  30. __________ process is used for the commercial production of nitric acid by the catalytic oxidation of…