SIMD stands for ....

A. Single Instruction Stream Over Minimum Data Streams

B. Single Instruction Stream Over Multiple Data Streams

C. Multiple Instruction Streams and Single Data Stream

D. Single Instruction Stream Over Media Data Streams

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  1. The SRGP package provides the ________ to wide the variety of display devices.
  2. Pipelining increases the CPU instruction ____
  3. A circle, if scaled only in one direction becomes a ?
  4. The first viewing parameter we must consider is the ____________
  5. ______________ is the special effect used to introduce each slide in a slide presentation.
  6. The NOR gate is complement of ..
  7. Devices that are used primarily to transport data between the processor and the user are known as ____
  8. The internal Components of the processor are connected by _______ .
  9. _______ is used to store data in registers .
  10. Designed to create a particular look, a __________ contains color schemes, slide and title masters with…
  11. ______ is used to choose between incrementing the PC or performing ALU operations .
  12. ____________ refers to any type of application or presentation that involves more than one type of media,…
  13. A two dimensional rotation is applied to an object by repositioning it along a _________
  14. A method used to test lines for total clipping is equivalent to the
  15. After completion of scanning of one line, the electron beam files back to the start of next line, this…
  16. the line segment from the view plane to the view reference point is called __________
  17. Let R be the radius of a circle. The angle subtended by an arc of length R at the center of the circle…
  18. The smallest addressable screen element. Is called_______
  19. The instruction -> Add LOCA,R0 does,
  20. Graphics software acts as a very powerful tool to create _________
  21. A smaller version of an image is called a:
  22. The region code 0000 represents the _________
  23. Replicating pixels is one of the methods of __________
  24. The line 2x-y+4=0, if clipped against this window will connect the points ?
  25. The slide ________ controls text characteristics, background color and special effects, such as shadowing…
  26. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminal is ..
  27. In slide ______ view, you see the entire presentation displayed in miniature. This view is used to arrange…
  28. A ____________ is a series of slides displayed in a particular sequence.
  29. SIMD stands for ....
  30. Quick access to frequently used commands can be found in the ________ toolbar.