A Hartnell governor is a

A. Dead weight governor

B. Pendulum type governor

C. Spring loaded governor

D. Inertia governor

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  1. A point B on a rigid link AB moves with respect to A with angular velocity ω rad/s. The radial…
  2. Which of the following mechanisms produces mathematically an exact straight line motion?
  3. The sense of Coriolis component is such that it
  4. The relative velocity of B with respect to A in a rigid link AB is
  5. The maximum value of the pressure angle in case of cam is kept as
  6. Oldhams coupling is an inversion of the kinematic chain used in
  7. The coefficient of fluctuation of speed is __________ of maximum fluctuation of speed and the mean speed.
  8. For a kinematic chain to be considered as mechanism
  9. TJIE horse power transmitted by a belt is dependent upon
  10. The Klein's diagram is useful to find
  11. When a body is subjected to transverse vibrations, the stress induced in a body will be
  12. A rigid body, under the action of external forces, can be replaced by two masses placed at a fixed distance…
  13. A governor is said to be stable, if the
  14. The centre of percussion is below the centre of gravity of the body and is at a distance equal to
  15. Creep in belt drive is due to
  16. Tangential acceleration direction is
  17. A point B on a rigid link AB moves with respect to A with angular velocity ω rad/s. The total acceleration…
  18. The velocity of a body moving with simple harmonic motion is __________ at the mean position.
  19. Ball and a Socket forms a
  20. In an ideal machine, the output as compared to input is
  21. In railway axle boxes, the bearing used is
  22. When the pitching of a ship is upward, the effect of gyroscopic couple acting on it will be
  23. In an open pair, the two elements of a pair
  24. The gear train usually employed in clocks is a
  25. The direction of linear velocity of any point on a link with respect to another point on the same link…
  26. If the pressure angle is __________, a reciprocating follower will jam in its bearings.
  27. Pitch point of a cam is
  28. The Coriolis component of acceleration acts
  29. A chain comprises of 5 links having 5 joints. Is it kinematic chain?
  30. In a radial cam, the follower moves