A member of the Union Public Service Commission can be removed by the

A. President

B. Prime Minister

C. Chief Justice of Supreme Court

D. Chairman of the UPSC

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  1. Who was the President of India at the time of proclamation of emergency in the year 1976 ?
  2. Into how many parts the constitution of India divided
  3. A member of the Union Public Service Commission can be removed by the
  4. The constitution of India was enacted by a constituent Assembly set up
  5. Which of the following is a member of the SAARC
  6. Who among the following had the longest tenure as the Prime Minister of India ?
  7. The Panchayati Raj Institution at the block level is known as
  8. The total number of fundamental duties mentioned is the constitution of India now is
  9. Who was the protem Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of India ?
  10. Which of the following states/union territories have a common High Court ?
  11. Who has given this statement ? Man is born free but he is always in chains.
  12. The Governor of a state in India is
  13. What was the scheme to reduce interest burden of the state Government of India through gradual conversion…
  14. The constitution of india was adopted by the
  15. Which of the following states does not bear Panchayati Raj System ?
  16. The parliamentary set up in the Indian constitution has been adopted from
  17. Which of the following constitutional amendment intergrated Sikkim as a full-fledged state of the Indian…
  18. In case the post of President of India falls vacant and there is also no Vice-President, than who among…
  19. A motion of no confidence against the Council of Ministers can be moved in Lok Sabha if it is supported…
  20. The Indian Parliament cannot legislate on the subject of state list unless 1. The President of India…
  21. Which are the two states (other than UP) having the highest representation in Lok Sabha ?
  22. Which among the following is the correct expression of the term Secular in India ?
  23. The right to vote in India is given to all people on the basis of
  24. The union ministers hold office during the pleasure of
  25. Who can be the member of the Rajya Sabha but can speak both in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha ?
  26. The demand for the Constituent assembly was put forward by the Indian National Congress in 1936 at it's…
  27. Which one of the following is the correct chronological order of the formation of the following as full…
  28. Which organ is the custodian of the National purse ?
  29. The President of India can nominate to the Rajya Sabha
  30. Which one of the following statements about the state Governors is not true ?