A pressurised water reactor employs pressurises for the following application

A. To maintain constant pressure in primary circuit under varying load

B. To Supply high pressure steam

C. To increase pressure of water in primary circuit

D. To provide sub cooled water at high pressure

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  1. In nuclear fission
  2. Gas cooled reactor uses following materials as moderator, and coolant
  3. For economical operation of a nuclear plant
  4. A nuclear unit becoming critical means
  5. In nuclear fission each neutron that causes fission releases
  6. Boiling water reactor employs
  7. A fission chain reaction in uranium can be developed by
  8. Plutonium is produced
  9. A fast breeder reactor uses following as fuel
  10. A nuclear fission is initiated when the critical energy as compared to neutron binding energy of the…
  11. Breeder reactor has a conversion ratio of
  12. The efficiency of a nuclear power plant in comparison to a conventional thermal power plant is
  13. Which is not identical for an atom and an isotope?
  14. The control rods in the control system of nuclear reactors are used to
  15. Breeder reactors employ liquid metal coolant because it
  16. In boiling water reactor, moderator is
  17. A power plant giving least running cost of production of electrical power is
  18. The following present serious difficulty in designing reactor shield
  19. Artificial radioactive isotopes find application in
  20. Reactors for propulsion applications are designed for
  21. A nuclear reactor is said to be critical when the neutron population in the reactor core is
  22. Reactors designed for propulsion applications are designed for
  23. Pick up the wrong statement
  24. The main interest of shielding in nuclear reactor is protection against
  25. A fast breeder reactor uses
  26. Natural uranium is made up of
  27. Reflector in nuclear power plants _________ neutron leakage.
  28. The risk of radioactive hazard is greatest in the turbine with following reactor
  29. Enriched uranium may contain fissionable contents of the order of
  30. Ferrite material is