A pressurised water reactor employs pressurises for the following application

A. To maintain constant pressure in primary circuit under varying load

B. To Supply high pressure steam

C. To increase pressure of water in primary circuit

D. To provide sub cooled water at high pressure

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  1. The size of the reactor is said to be critical when
  2. A reactor capable of converting a ferrite material into fissile isotopes is called
  3. In triggering fission, which types of neutrons are more effective?
  4. A moderator, apart from its high neutron slowing power, and low non-productive neutron, should be
  5. In triggering fission, the following types of neutrons are desirable
  6. Each fission of U₂₃₅ produces on the average _________ fast neutrons as a product…
  7. The efficiency of a nuclear power plant in comparison to conventional and nuclear consideration is
  8. Where reactor operation is designed with fast neutrons such as in reactors using highly enriched fuel,…
  9. Uranium has isotopes
  10. A fast breeder reactor uses following as fuel
  11. The function of control rods in nuclear plants is to
  12. Which of the following are ferrite materials?
  13. A fission chain reaction in uranium can be developed
  14. U₂₃₃ is produced
  15. The energy produced by a thermal reactor of same size as a breeder reactor is
  16. The control rods in the control system of nuclear reactors are used to
  17. The main interest of shielding in nuclear reactor is protection against
  18. The most commonly used moderator in nuclear plants is
  19. A fission chain reaction in uranium can be developed by
  20. Which of the following type of pump is used in liquid metal cooled reactor for circulation of liquid…
  21. The secondary fuel used in nuclear power plants is
  22. A nuclear unit becoming critical means
  23. A boiling water reactor uses following as fuel
  24. The material most commonly used for shielding is
  25. Enriched uranium is one in which
  26. In fast breeder reactors
  27. One gram of uranium will produce energy equivalent to approximately
  28. The unit of radioactivity is
  29. Enriched uranium is required as a fuel in a nuclear reactor, if light water is used as moderator and…
  30. Electron volt is the unit of