Calorific value of __________ are almost same.

A. Lignite & anthracite coal

B. Lignite & coal gas

C. Petrol & diesel

D. Coal gas & natural gas

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  1. The main constituent of bones is
  2. Which one can be directly solidified from gaseous state without entering into liquid state?
  3. Theoretical volume of oxygen required for complete combustion of 1Nm3 of acetylene, in oxyacetylene…
  4. Which of the following are made out of the carbon steel having carbon content of 0.9 to 1%?
  5. The thickness of oxide film is y at time t. If are the temperature dependent constants, the parabolic…
  6. Upto the critical radius of insulation, added insulation, will
  7. Midrex process of sponge iron production uses reformed natural gas as the reducing agent, which uses…
  8. Starting friction is low in case of the __________ lubrication.
  9. In case of condensers & evaporators operating under given terminal conditions, LMTD (logarithmic mean…
  10. Cold cracking in the heat affected zone of a high strength steel weld can take place because of the
  11. Transition from laminar to turbulent zone in free convection heat transfer is governed by the critical…
  12. The maximum thickness of the metal which can be welded using ultrasonic welding is __________ mm.
  13. Shaft/rotor speed is most accurately measured by a
  14. Air standard Otto cycle is more efficient than the diesel cycle for the same
  15. Sand used to stop the green sand from sticking to the pattern is termed as the __________ sand.
  16. Which of the following has the highest modulus of elasticity (about 7 × 106 kg/cm2)?
  17. Closeness of packing is maximum in case of __________ crystal lattice.
  18. The leaching solvent used in Baeyer's process for the purification of bauxite is
  19. Nusselt number is related to Grashoff number (Gr) in turbulent & laminar flow respectively, in respect…
  20. Uniform ramming of sand in green sand moulding process leads to
  21. The passage between the nozzle and the __________ is called 'sprue' in case of injection moulding.
  22. Which of the following is not an explosive?
  23. With increasing carbon percent in steel beyond 0.8%, its ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and __________…
  24. Filler material used in welding should have __________ as compared to the parent metal to be welded.
  25. Which of the following is not an ore of copper?
  26. Induced draft fans provided in large thermal power plant boilers have __________ blades.
  27. Case hardening is not done by
  28. The rolling process cannot be used to produce
  29. Plasma is
  30. Non-ferrous alloys used for making cutting tools need not have high