In a flange coupling, the bolts are subjected to

A. Tensile stress

B. Compressive stress

C. Shear stress

D. None of these

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  1. The taper on key is given on
  2. The stress which vary from a minimum value to a maximum value of the same nature (i.e. tensile or compressive)…
  3. In block brakes, the ratio of shoe width to wheel diameter is taken between
  4. For same pulley diameters, center distance, belt speed and belt and pulley materials,
  5. Which of the following material has the maximum ductility?
  6. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  7. When bevel gears connect two shafts whose axes intersect at an angle greater than a right angle and…
  8. The function of cutting oil when threading a pipe is to
  9. The strength of a riveted joint is equal to
  10. In thrust bearings, the load acts
  11. According to Indian standard specifications, 100 H6/g5 means that
  12. When a nut is tightened by placing a washer below it, the bolt will be subjected to following type of…
  13. Taper usually provided on cotter is
  14. A single strap butt joint is always in __________ shear.
  15. The ratio of driving tensions in V-belt drives is __________ flat belt drives.
  16. The value of Lewis form factor used in design of gears is
  17. The power transmitted by belt drive depends upon
  18. If shearing stress in nut is half the tensile stress in a bolt, then nut length should be equal to
  19. The process extensively used for making bolts and nuts is
  20. The yield point in static loading is __________ as compared to fatigue loading.
  21. In order to permit the thermal expansion/contraction of tubing, it should be
  22. In second type of levers,
  23. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt can be increased by
  24. The temperature at which the new grains are formed in the metal is known as
  25. When an open coiled helical compression spring is subjected to an axial compressive load, the stress…
  26. The ratio of driving tensions for flat belts, neglecting centrifugal tension, is (where T₁, and…
  27. The lower deviation is the algebraic difference between the
  28. The designation M 33 × 2 of a bolt means
  29. A type of brake commonly used in motor cars is a
  30. For a shoe brake, the equivalent coefficient of friction is equal to (where μ = Actual coefficient…