In an experiment, a student cut a transverse section of young stem of a plant which he has taken from his school garden.
After observing it under the microscope how would he ascertain whether it is a monocot stem or a dicot stem?

A. With the help of bulliform cells.

B. With the help of casparian strips.

C. With the help of vascular bundles.

D. With the help of stomatal apparatus.

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  1. Cambium is considered as a lateral meristem because
  2. Cork cambium and vascular cambium are
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  5. A tissue is a group of cells which are
  6. The trees growing in desert will
  7. A vascular bundle in which the protoxylem is pointing to the periphery is called __________.
  8. Which of the following statements is correct?
  9. An organised and differentiated cellular structure having cytoplasm but no nucleus is called _________.
  10. Various functions like photosynthesis, storage, excretion performed by _____________.
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  13. A narrow layer of thin walled cells found between phloem/ bark and wood of a dicot is
  14. Apical, intercalary and lateral meristems are differentiated on the basis of
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  16. Identify types of vascular bundles in given figures A, B and C.
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  25. Which of the following are present in monocot root ?
  26. As secondary growth proceeds, in a dicot stem, the thickness of
  27. Main function of lenticel is
  28. The __________ occurs in layers below the epidermis in dicotyledonous plants.
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