What is the correct answer?


Read the following statements and answer the question.
  1. It has a sclerenchymatous hypodermis, a large number of scattered vascular bundles and a large parenchymatous ground tissue.
  2. Vascular bundles are conjoint and closed.
  3. Peripheral vascular bundles are generally smaller than the centrally located ones.
  4. Phloem parenchyma is absent, and water- containing cavities are present within the vascular bundles.

Which plant anatomy is being described by the above statements?

A. Dicotyledonous root

B. Monocotyledonous root

C. Dicotyledonous stem

D. Monocotyledonous stem

Correct Answer :

D. Monocotyledonous stem

All the given statements represent the anatomical features of monocotyledonous stem. Monocot stem is characterised by epidermis (2- 3layered), hypodermis and undifferentiated ground tissue stem. Vascular strand is numerous and scattered. Vascular bundles are conjoint, collateral and closed.

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