What is the correct answer?


Identify the types of simple tissue indicated by A, B, C and D and their function.

A. A Parenchyma, Photosynthesis, Storage and Secretion.

B. B Sclerenchyma Scleriods; Transport food material

C. C Collenchyma; Provides mechanical support to organs.

D. D Sclerenchyma Fibres; Provide Mechanical support to the growing parts of the plant such as young stem and petiole of a leaf.

Correct Answer :

A. A Parenchyma, Photosynthesis, Storage and Secretion.

Figure A, B, C and D are respectively parenchyma, collenchyma, sclerenchyma fibres and sclerenchyma sclereid. Parenchyma: It involves in photosynthesis, storage and secretion. Collenchyma: It provides mechanical support to the growing parts of the plant such as young stem and petiole of a leaf. Sclerenchyma fibres: It provides mechanical strength to various plant organs and specialised to tolerate stress of bending, sheering, compression and pull. Sclerenchyma sclereid: It forms protective covering of testa in many legume seeds.

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