Lead is poured into the joint between two __________ pipes.

A. Mild steel

B. Concrete

C. Cast iron

D. Asbestos cement

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  1. The yield point phenomenon observed in annealed low carbon steel is due to the presence of the following…
  2. With increase in temperature, the surface tension of water
  3. While the recrystallisation temperature for pure metals is 0.3 Tm, the same for alloys is equal to __________…
  4. Current employed in resistance welding ranges from __________ kVA/.
  5. On oscilloscope screen for dynamic measurement, lissajous diagram is normally used to determine the…
  6. Percentage of differential pressure lost in a Venturimeter with a tapering of 15° may be about
  7. Dephosphorization of molten pig iron is favoured by
  8. The specific gravity of coal depends mainly on its __________ content.
  9. To counteract the bad effects of strain hardening on a cold formed part, it must be
  10. Materials having __________ lattice structure are usually the most ductile.
  11. Which of the following is preferred for riveting?
  12. Other parameters remaining same, the recrystallisation temperature of an alloy is lowered, when
  13. Normalising does not __________ of a metal.
  14. Increase in the entropy of a system represents the
  15. Insulation of liquid surface can be achieved by __________ on top of its surface.
  16. In case of compression of one kg of air, the work done will be the least, when the value of polytropic…
  17. Matte smelting is used in the extraction of
  18. Ammonia gas can be dried by
  19. Satellites burn off during re-entry to earth's atmosphere, because of the
  20. Which of the following metals is not subjected to electrolytic refining/purification?
  21. Blast furnace slag is mainly molten
  22. Water hammer is caused in steam carrying pipelines, because of
  23. The amount of water evaporated in kg per kg of fuel burnt in a boiler is called the __________ of a…
  24. The critical pressure at which the latent heat of vaporisation of steam becomes zero is __________ Kg/cm2.
  25. The capacity of a spring to store energy is called the spring form co-efficient. Stiffness of a spring…
  26. The process of removal of scale formed during hot rolling of steel is termed as
  27. Lap joints are preferred over butt joints in soldering/brazing, because these joints are
  28. Steels with high carbon equivalent have poor Weldability, because in these steels during welding
  29. The unit of gc is
  30. Which of the following is an example of cathodic protection of metals against corrosion?