Out of the following refrigeration cycles, which one has maximum COP?

A. Air cycle

B. Carnot cycle

C. Ordinary vapor compression cycle

D. Vapor compression with a reversible expansion engine

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  1. First law of thermodynamics deals with the
  2. Joule-Thomson co-efficient is defined as
  3. Fugacity is most helpful in
  4. The most important application of distribution law is in
  5. Mollier diagram is a plot of
  6. Heat evolved/absorbed during conversion of a substance from one allotropic form to another is termed…
  7. Heat of formation of an element in its standard state is
  8. The internal energy of an ideal gas is a function of its __________ only.
  9. Free energy
  10. The partial pressure of each constituent present in an alloy is __________ the total vapor pressure…
  11. In the ammonia synthesis reaction, N2 + 3H2 2NH3 + 22.4 kcal, the formation of NH3 will be favoured…
  12. Joule-Thomson effect i.e., a throttling process is a constant __________ process.
  13. At triple point (for one component system), vapour pressure of solid as compared to that of liquid will…
  14. For spontaneous changes in an isolated system (S = entropy)
  15. Pick out the wrong statement.
  16. Vapour which is at a pressure smaller than the saturation pressure for the temperature involved is called…
  17. In the decomposition of PCl5 represented by, PCl5 PCl3 + Cl2, decrease in the pressure of the system…
  18. Equilibrium constant decreases as the temperature
  19. A system in which there is exchange of energy but not of mass, is called a/an __________ system.
  20. On a P-V diagram of an ideal gas, suppose a reversible adiabatic line intersects a reversible isothermal…
  21. Pick out the Clausius-Clapeyron equation from the following:
  22. Those solutions in which there is no volume change upon mixing the components in the liquid state and…
  23. Degree of freedom of the system ice-watervapour will be
  24. Third law of thermodynamics is concerned with the
  25. Pick out the wrong statement
  26. Claude gas liquefaction process employs cooling
  27. Internal energy of an ideal gas
  28. Which of the following is Virial equation of state?
  29. Which of the following units is not present in both the vapor compression refrigeration system and absorption…
  30. The necessary and sufficient condition for equilibrium between two phases is