The columns whose slenderness ratio is less than 80, are known as

A. Short columns

B. Long columns

C. Weak columns

D. Medium columns

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  1. The specific heat of water is
  2. In open cycle gas turbine plants
  3. The energy stored in a body when strained within elastic limit is known as
  4. When two plates are butt together and riveted with cover plates with two rows of rivets, the joint is…
  5. Impact strength of a material is an index of its
  6. A coil is cut into two halves, the stiffness of cut coil will be
  7. The value of specific heat at constant pressure (cp) is __________ that of at constant volume (cv).
  8. The general law of expansion or compression is pvn = C, The process is said to be hyperbolic, if n is…
  9. Coke is produced
  10. When the gas is cooled at constant pressure,
  11. A riveted joint in which the number otrivets decrease from innermost to outer most rows is called
  12. A riveted joint in which every rivet of a row is opposite to other rivet of the outer row, is known…
  13. The limit of eccentricity for no tensile conditions for a column of circular section of diameter (D)…
  14. Within elastic limit, stress is
  15. The temperature at which the volume of a gas becomes zero is called
  16. The atomic mass of oxygen is
  17. In an irreversible process, there is a
  18. Which of the following gas has the highest calorific value?
  19. A process of heating crude oil to a high temperature under a very high pressure to increase the yield…
  20. Workdone during adiabatic expansion is given by (where p1 v1, T1 = Pressure, volume and temperature…
  21. The efficiency of the Carnot cycle is (where T1 and T2 = Highest and lowest temperature during the cycle)
  22. The total elongation produced in a bar of uniform section hanging vertically downwards due to its own…
  23. A cycle consisting of two isothermal and two isentropic processes, is known as
  24. The relation between Young's modulus (E), shear modulus (C) and bulk modulus (K) is given by
  25. The efficiency of Ericsson cycle is __________ Carnot cycle.
  26. The property of a material by virtue of which a body returns to its original, shape after removal of…
  27. A bar of copper and steel form a composite system, which is heated to a temperature of 40°C. The…
  28. The work ratio of a gas turbine plant is given by
  29. Shear stress induced in a shaft subjected to tension will be
  30. The oxygen atom is ________ times heavier than the hydrogen atom.