The design of the pressure vessel is based on

A. Longitudinal stress

B. Hoop stress

C. Longitudinal and hoop stress

D. None of these

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  1. Stress concentration in cyclic loading is more serious in
  2. Which of the following statement is correct?
  3. The pipe joint mostly used for pipes carrying water at low pressures is
  4. In most machine members, the damping capacity of the material should be
  5. Rivets are generally specified by
  6. Idler pulley is used for
  7. The stiffness of a closely coiled helical spring subjected to an axial load W is equal to (where G =…
  8. The edges of a boiler plate are bevelled to an angle of
  9. A sliding bearing which operates without any lubricant present, is called
  10. Spring index is
  11. Oldham coupling is used to connect two shafts
  12. In a marine flange coupling, the pitch circle diameter of bolts is taken as
  13. Eulers formula for a mild steel column is not valid if the slenderness ratio is
  14. In a multiple V-belt drive, when a single belt is damaged, it is preferable to change the complete set…
  15. In static loading, stress concentration is more serious in
  16. The shearing stresses in the inner face as compared to outer face of the wire in a heavy close coiled…
  17. The period during which the cam follower remains at rest, when cam moves, is known as
  18. A fast and loose pulley drive is used when
  19. When a belt drive is transmitting maximum power,
  20. In block brakes, the ratio of shoe width to wheel diameter is taken between
  21. In a full journal bearing, the angle of contact of the bearing with the journal is
  22. When the speed of belt increases,
  23. The function of cutting oil when threading a pipe is to
  24. The belt slip occurs due to
  25. Stress concentration factor is defined as the ratio of
  26. A sliding bearing in which although lubricant is present, the working surfaces __________ contact each…
  27. According to I.B.R., when the thickness of boiler shell (t) is greater than 8 mm, then the diameter…
  28. The design of the pressure vessel is based on
  29. For applications involving high stresses in one direction only the following type of thread would be…
  30. For hardening alloy steels and high speed steels, they are heated to