The energy absorbed in a body, when it is strained within the elastic limits, is known as

A. Strain energy

B. Resilience

C. Proof resilience

D. Modulus of resilience

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  1. If in the equation pvn = C, the value of n = ∝, then the process is called
  2. The materials having same elastic properties in all directions are called
  3. The main cause for the irreversibility is
  4. Modulus of rigidity is defined as the ratio of
  5. Which of the following statement is correct?
  6. The __________ states that change of internal energy of a perfect gas is directly proportional to the…
  7. Which of the following gas is mostly used in town for street and domestic lighting and heating?
  8. The columns whose slenderness ratio is less than 80, are known as
  9. For a perfect gas, according to Boyle's law (where p = Absolute pressure, v = Volume, and T = Absolute…
  10. In a prismatic member made of two materials so joined that they deform equally under axial stress, the…
  11. The temperature at which the volume of a gas becomes zero is called
  12. The capacity of a strained body for doing work on the removal of the straining force, is called
  13. The entropy may be expressed as a function of
  14. Shear stress induced in a shaft subjected to tension will be
  15. Stirling and Ericsson cycles are
  16. The value of gas constant (R) in S. I. units is
  17. Two closely coiled helical springs 'A' and 'B' are equal in all respects but the number of turns of…
  18. When shear force at a point is zero, then bending moment is _________ at that point.
  19. According to Kelvin-Planck's statement of second law of thermodynamics,
  20. An open cycle gas turbine works on
  21. The ratio of root mean square velocity to average velocity of gas molecules at a particular temperature…
  22. When coal is strongly heated continuously for 42 to 48 hours in the absence of air in a closed vessel,…
  23. Diesel cycle consists of following four processes
  24. The efficiency of a gas turbine is given by
  25. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of __________ water through one degree is called…
  26. If the slenderness ratio for a column is 100, then it is said to be a _________ column.
  27. The mass of flue gas per kg of fuel is the ratio of the
  28. The heat energy stored in the gas and used for raising the temperature of the gas is known as
  29. An adiabatic process is one in which
  30. A cylindrical section having no joint is known as