The function of cutting oil when threading a pipe is to

A. Provide cooling action

B. Lubricate the dies

C. Help removes chips

D. All of the above

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  1. A connecting rod should be
  2. Rankine Gordon formula for buckling is valid for
  3. If threads on a bolt are left hand, threads on nut will be
  4. In the case of an elastic bar fixed at upper end and loaded by a falling weight at lower end, the shock…
  5. Tapered roller bearings can take
  6. At low temperatures (say 75°C) the notched bar impact value of steel
  7. Soderberg relation is based on __________ of the material whereas all other failure relation for dynamic…
  8. The included angle in unified of American National threads is
  9. According to maximum shear stress theory, the maximum shear stress in the shaft is
  10. When the bolt is very yielding as compared to the connected members, then the resultant load on the…
  11. The shearing stresses in the inner face as compared to outer face of the wire in a heavy close coiled…
  12. Two shafts A and B are made of the same material. The diameter of shaft A is twice as that of shaft…
  13. The face of the tooth is the
  14. In order to remove internal stresses produced by hardening the steel, the process usually adopted is
  15. For same pulley diameters, center distance, belt speed and belt and pulley materials,
  16. The rolling contact bearings are known as
  17. The acme threads are usually found on
  18. The difference between the tooth space and the tooth thickness as measured on the pitch circle, is called
  19. The coefficient of friction in belt drive depends upon
  20. The taper on cotter varies from
  21. A machine part subjected to __________ is called a strut.
  22. Ball bearing type screws are found in following application
  23. The number of slots in a 25 mm castle nut is
  24. Cap screws are
  25. A hot short metal is
  26. For hardening alloy steels and high speed steels, they are heated to
  27. The flank of the tooth is the
  28. A locking device extensively used in marine type connecting rod ends is a
  29. The valve rod in a steam engine is connected to an eccentric rod by
  30. A hollow saddle key is