The height of the pilot's eye above the runway surface is assumed

A. 1 m

B. 3 m

C. 4 m

D. 5 m

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  1. The bearing of the longest line of a wind rose is S 45° E, the bearing of the runway will be numbered
  2. As per ICAO, for A, B, and C type of airports, maximum effective, transverse and longitudinal grades…
  3. Calm period is the percentage of time during which wind intensity is less than
  4. The size of landing area for multi engine helicopters operating under 1 FR conditions is
  5. The lift off distance is the distance along the centre of the runway between the starting point and
  6. Which of the following is used for servicing and repairs of the aircraft?
  7. Pick up the correct abbreviation from the following:
  8. According to ICAO, all markings on the runways are
  9. The length of a runway under standard atmospheric conditions is 1800 m. If the actual reduced level…
  10. To cope up high temperature of 196°C, the taxi ways and aprons are constructed with
  11. The reduced levels of the ends A and B of a runway are 3025 m and 3035 m and that of its mid-point is…
  12. Consider the following statements: Wind rose diagram is used for the purposes of1. Runway orientation2.…
  13. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
  14. An aircraft is flying in an atmosphere of 30°C with a speed of 1260 km ph. Its speed is known as
  15. For supersonic transport aircraft, the minimum turning radius of taxiway is
  16. If the monthly mean of average daily temperature for the hottest month of the year is 25°C and the…
  17. The runway orientation is made so that landing and takeoff are
  18. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
  19. For the taxiways, the following statement is true
  20. For the proposed air port, the survey project provides
  21. The depressions and undulations in the pavement, are caused due to
  22. The maximum length and pavement strength of the runway is that of
  23. Effective length of a runway is the distance between
  24. The runway length after correcting for elevation and temperature is 2845 m. If the effective gradient…
  25. As per ICAO recommendation, the rate of change of longitudinal gradient per 30 m length of vertical…
  26. From the end of an instrumental runway, the approach surface rises outwards
  27. In an airport, if 4 groups of 5 gates each located well separated are considered for traffic and the…
  28. As per ICAO recommendation, minimum width of safety area for instrumental runway should be
  29. The capacity of parallel runway pattern depends upon
  30. The air is blowing at a speed of 75 knots in the direction of the aircraft flying at a ground speed…